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We may live in a digital world, but its still nice to get real life mail that you can hold every so often.

I’ve stated making postcards to promote the show and am offering *FREE* postcards mailed to anyone anywhere just by simply asking. 

The postcards are cool – but I can’t show you them.  That would ruin the surprise.  There’s 4 of them, and I can’t tell you which one you’ll be getting.

All you have to do is comment on this page with your address – i’ll see the comment awaiting approval before it goes on the site and mail out the card.  You can also email your address to me at if you’d rather.  I won’t give your address to anyone or post the comment.  Scout’s honor.

Also keep an eye out for the postcards in various NJ and NYC musical establishments.

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  1. Dianne Shatin permalink
    May 25, 2010 10:33 am

    I am grateful beyond wordsto learn about the Endless Possibilities radio station and about Postcards! Previously I had only been aware of WRTI and WPRB on car radio. But now! A fantastic array of brilliant compositions and a venue for new music and compoers, and out of New Bruswick! Because I am at work, I am prohibited from listening to computer radio music however, upon returning home the first thing I will do is to tune in!

    Congratulations! My sense is Endless Possibilities such a boon to those to whom listening to music is a total experiential event and for sound artists a chance for their music to be showcased.

    I only came to learn of Endless Possibilities today while viewing upcoming performances of her compositions through December 2010. Just by coincidence, today, May 25th her piece “Cherry Blossoms and a Wrapped Thing” is scheduled for play time.

    Finding out about Endless Possibilities is like finding a precious gem stone out of the blue, only better!

    (Asking sheepishly is it to soon to look forward to a post card? I will be listening and commenting frequently to EP and genuinely can’t wait!

    PS I also love the name of this radio station!

    Dianne Shatin

  2. Dianne Shatin permalink
    May 25, 2010 10:57 am

    RE: Previous comment

    Please forgive my misspellings and misthinkings, i.e., incoherent phraseology in above comment. [To the moderator: I was unaware this website, unlike most, has no edit feature once a comment is submitted. I have come to learn, and regrettably, there is a growing dischordance between my mind and my typing fingers. This increasing dissonance is a fact but one my mind has not yet come to understand i.e. when it comes to writing comments on a web site, the need to stop, think, and edit before hitting the ‘submit’ button.

    Moving on, I learned about the Endless Possibilities radio station only when perusing my sister’s (composer Judith Shatin) schedule of uping performances of her compositions through December 2010.

    On her schedule May 25 her piece, “Cherry Blossoms and a Wrapped Thing” she notes this piece will be broadcast today May 25 (today) on Endless Possibilities. Being intrigued, I clicked on “Endless Possibilities” to find a fantastic new (to me anyone) venue for sound artists, and this station is located in New Brunswick, NJ.

    Should anyone in your listening audience be interested in hearing more of Judith’s music, her music company is Wendigo Recordings and her most recently released CD (2010) is “Tower of the Eight Winds”.

    D. Shatin

  3. Doug permalink*
    May 26, 2010 8:44 pm


    Don’t worry about the Typos! It happens to everyone. I’m glad you’re interested in the show! Check out all of WRSU’s other programming, which ranges from rock to jazz to world music at



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