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Doors changing positions

November 5, 2011

In the last few months, this site has been extremely unevenly updated despite my best intentions. Various things have been stealing my attention: Beta Test is a needy child, but our Fall program was a lot of fun. There’s also been two power outages at home totaling over a week of darkness that really ends up messing with productivity.

Also, I’m starting a job soon. Starting Tuesday I’ll be back in the classroom teaching the munchkins music. It’s going to get my hands dirty again and interact with music in this way again (after over a year of not). The only casualty in this life change (I hope), is the radio show. It’s not really possible to host a radio show in New Brunswick while teaching somewhere else, so at least until the new schedule is set at the station, there won’t be any shows after this Thursday (11/10). It’s kind of crazy this will be my first time without a regular weekly spot on WRSU since early 2005. To cope, I’ll probably be pushing music on people on twitter and Google Plus.

Also, I’ll soon be moving this site over to my new home,  If you’re really interested, you can watch the ugly progress I make on the site as it goes, but it won’t be ‘live’ for a little while. I plan to pick at it slowly while balancing the rest of my life. Once it’s live, I plan to host streams of my shows for people to listen to as well as a lot more stuff about my own music making and educating. I think it’ll all be decipherable.

Anyways, definitely tune in this week because I won’t be pulling any punches. Also, if you didn’t read anything else I’ve written lately, make sure you head out to see Perfect Lives Manhattan tomorrow. And don’t forget the time change! I’ll be there unless this cold (I got from living without electricity for almost a week, whine whine) is still beating me up.

Oh, and hey, here’s a video from Beta Test’s Monsters program. It’s the piece I wrote for it, and you can thank my Mother for the cinematography.

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