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Play List 11/10/2011 1-3pm

November 10, 2011

Florent Ghys – Coma Carus – Baroque Tardif

Meredith Monk – Travel Dream Song – Atlas
Clark, Annie – Proven Badlands – ymusic
Plaid – At Last – Scintilli

Tom Waits – Raised Right Men – Bad As Me
Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun – The Killing Wall – Untitled EP
Wilco – Capitol City – The Whole Love

Mogwai – Hunted By A Freak – Government Commissions: 1996-2003
Gill, Jeremy – Book of Hours: Vespers – Peter Orth
Gosfield, Annie – Brooklyn, October 5, 1941 – Lisa Moore

Twining, Toby – The Book – Eurydice
Mike Patton – Orgy in Reverb (10 Kilometers of Lust) – Adult Themes for Voice
Negativland – The Perfect Cut (11 minutes) – Helter Stupid

Muhly, Nico – A Good Understanding – LA Master Chorale, Grant Gershon cond
moha! – flisespikking/lyd med tenner/mjol di eiga kake
Fat Eyes – Overdose – Invasion of the Mysteron Killer Sounds

Paul Muller – Dark Sunset – Dark Sunset
Donatoni, Franco – Arpege – Sentieri Selvaggi

Faure, Gabriel – Adieu – Susanna Phillips, Myra Huang

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