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Explorations- Season Two

Explorations Season Two

I rely way too much on computers.  Sometimes they fail me and I get really anxious that one day my entire life is going to be wiped away by an electrical hiccup somewhere deep underground and far away.

Anyways, I had a really heartfelt long paragraph about how excited I was about the music awaiting for you in this Second Season of Explorations, and then WordPress, or the Internet, or my friends dog, or something ate it up.  I tried to start it again but it wasn’t coming out how I wanted it to sound, but how I remembered it possibly sounding.  So, take this away from my pathetic sob story:  This music is Really good.  I really hope you tune in for each broadcast.  Each Explorations will be played after the first track on the date listed, or somewhere around 8pm each night.

If you miss a broadcast, you can be treated to a podcast version released a few days later.  You can either subscribe via Feedburner with the link to the right or look up Endless Possibilities in iTunes.

Again!  This music is Awesome!  You should really make a point to listen to it all!

  • April 21 – Henrik Ajax’s  Necessary Obsession
  • April 28 – Margaret Crites’ A Specific Time website
  • May 12 – Judith Shatin’s Cherry Blossom and a Wrapped Thing; After Hokusai.  website
  • May 19 – Vincent Bergeron’s Stairs of the Unsteady
  • *Rebroadcast* May 26 – Judith Shatin’s Cherry Blossom and a Wrapped Thing; After Hokusai.  website
  • June 2 – Sungji Hong’s Black Arrow
  • June 9 – C R Kasprzyk’s The State of the inSignificant website and performer’s website
  • June 23 – Philip Mantione’s Random Textures
  • July 7 – Steven Sugita-Becraft’s Dist
  • July 14 – Nat Evans’ Telephone Conversation website
  • July 21 – Tony Solitro’s Hindsight
  • August 4 – Keane Southard’s Piano Sonata website
  • August 11 – Sebastian Armoza’s En Serrant
  • September 1-  Adriana Isabel Figueroa’s Tangoinmpressiones @ 8:10
  • September 1 – Alexandria Fol’s One Day God Will Return @ 8:40
  • September 8 – Mikael Trillo-Figueroa’s Spectra

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