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Bookmarks Mid October 2011

October 17, 2011

I’ve been mostly successful at not letting the Internet distract me, so I haven’t been updating the bookmarks lately.

  • Michael Monroe created some ring tones for the new school year. These are possibly more nerdy than my IT Crowd ring tone.
  • Hilobrow on invisible censorship.  Also in here is a definition for the avant-garde that seems very useful. I’ve been reminded a few times a line of thinking that the modernist vision of the avant-garde is impractical in a post-modern world where fringes don’t exist, at least in the formal elements of music. That definition seems to ignore that there will always be cultural boundaries of taste, and the avant-garde will always be able to stand on the opposite side of that line.
  • Warren Ellis on life irradiated by fiction. I have plenty of examples of books and albums with very specific location based memories. It also calls to mind site specific art, but I think the concept is more powerful when the art isn’t tailored to a specific place. Burroughs would deliberately read with his television on to note the random synchronicity of the world around him. Regularly the television or books would comment on each other and add layers of meaning to his experience of both.
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