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Notable Bookmarks: Early September

September 5, 2011
  • The Guardian with a pretty thick exploration of where we get genre names from. For the most part they come from the music itself (doo wop), a title (ambient) or something attached early on to the performers (riot grrrl). Art music, interestingly, has very few similar names. There’s definitely logic in names like romantic and baroque, but wouldn’t it be cool if expressionism was instead called Erwartung (or for us Americans, Air War Tongue!)? Rebrand minimalism Great Learning.
  • I found this piece via Darcy James Argue on Chaos Cinema, which is a brilliant criticism of the direction of film. The wide critique explored in small detail is interesting on its own, but the piece also talks about how reliant film is on sound to glue the visual elements together. This is interesting on its own to me, especially when viewed in the context of how the inverse could be true: visual elements forcing sound into coherent ideas. I wonder how this could be used for serial music that suggests randomness despite being highly organized.
  • CNCPTN is a fascinating new e-magazine that highlights music with a very specific conceptual idea. I think the project has a lot of potential to engage arts communities that don’t pay as much attention to music as other performance mediums. Jason Dewey’s Quartet and Rodzmatos’ Intonations from Another Room are two of my favorites.
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