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Fill In Play List 9/3/2011 2-4pm

September 3, 2011

Laura Cantrell – Poison in my Heart – Kitty Wells Dresses
Mike Doughty – Into the Un – Yes and Also Yes
They Might Be Giants – Celebration – Join Us

Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble – Spinet Arpeggio – III
Todd Reynolds – Icy Sleeves of Green v2.0 – Outerborough
Bach, JS – Sinfonia for Oboe – Heinz Holliger

Nico Muhly – Storm Center – I drink the air before me
Muchmore, Pat – Fracture V – Anti Social Music
Willey, James – String Quartet No. 8: 1 Poland – Esterhazy Quartet

Fester – Test Subject #36 – Sip and Bite
Battles – Wall Street – Gloss Drop
Autechre – basscadetbcdtmx – EPs 1991-2002

Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks – Stick Figures in Love – Mirror Traffic
Gutbucket – Zero is Short for Idiot – Flock
Fucked Up – Let Her Rest – David Comes to Life

Brian Eno and Rick Holland – Glitch – Drums Between the Bells
Reverend Screaming Fingers – rainy day pad – music for driving and film vol. ii
Fall On Your Sword – The Specialist: Am I Alone? – Another Earth

Serge Gainsbourg – Le Claqueur de doigts – Serge Gainsbourg
Dave Douglas’ Brass Ecstacy – Night Growl -Rare Metals
Collins, Edward Joseph – Arabesque – Arnaud Sussmann, Anna Polonsky

Sierra, Arlene – Cicada Shell: II – International Contemporary Ensemble
Zehetmair, Thomas – Scelsi: II – Ruth Kilius

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