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Links 8/26/2011 almost a months worth

August 26, 2011
Next week I’m going to start evolving this post into a semi-regular 2-3 very interesting posts format, with an also semi-regular dump of sounds and videos to listen to.
  • The Greenleaf Cloud Player has hours of great jazz and et cetera to lsten to  for free.
  • Ted Hearne’s Parlor Diplomacy, performed by Timothy Andres, is spectacular. Trills as foreground! Seriously, this is from the creator of Katrina Ballads and while its stylistically different, its still has that earnest drive. Love it.
  • Ever wonder how to say all those classical music terms and names? Well, WFMU has a record for you.
  • Wonderfully wonderful words from Will Robin on the element of experimentation in today’s new music world, particularly in the ‘alt-classical’ camp that doesn’t often get labelled as experimental.
  • Some people are straight up selfish. On Critics expecting more than they need to evaluate music effectively.
  • Rabbit Tales, an opera by (Explorationsite) Nicole Chamberlain, looks pretty cool to me if you’re in Atlanta
  • Angry letters written by children to the scientists who de-classified Pluto as a planet. Personally, reminds me of orchestra listeners who complain that new music doesn’t sound like Brahms, but a lot cuter.
  • Finally, I’m really excited about Music After, a free marathon concert on 9/11. It’s shaping up to be a very special event, based on the names who are involved. They need some more money to make the concert happens, so if you can help them out, please do.
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