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….and we’re back!

August 13, 2011

After a week of not checking e-mail my to do list could stretch back to Maine. That’s somewhere in the ballpark of 440 miles. I may dip into some personal blogging to talk about the trip, but that will have to wait until I put out all of these figurative fires. Before I get to that, I wanted to mention a few awesome things via bullet points.

  • Friend of the show Nat Evans was mentioned by Alex Ross last week in advance of a really cool event he’s doing a week from tomorrow. You should come hang out with Nat and me and listen to some good music.
  • I’ll be playin the ol’ Trombone at La Boheme, Assembly Required with operamission this Tuesday and next. It should be just as fun as their production of Cosi, but now you can count my wrong notes! If you can’t make those live, it will be simulcasted.
  • I have a weird thing about not reading what people write about me, so I haven’t taken a long look at Ian David Moss’ interview of me and the Explorations segment. I see it as a bit of an honor to be featured in that forum, and I found the experience of analyzing what I do to be rewarding and fun. I’m planning to do a bit of an overhaul of that shortly, making it more of a semi-regular, less defined season. With a little bit of luck and Ian’s piece, the submissions will be rolling in soon.
Okay, to the wood shed!
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