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Playlist 7/28/2011 1-4pm

July 28, 2011

Philip Glass and Foday Musa Suso – Night Dance – Volume VI
The Psychadelic Aliens – Gbe Keke Wo Taoz – The Psychedelic Aliens
Hoiby, Lee – Summer and Smoke: I Believe It’s the Night – Manhattan School of Music Opera Theatre
Bobby – Groggy – Bobby

Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble – Tambura Trudge – III
Battles – My Machines – Gloss Drop
Dew Milner – The Blockade Runner – Civil War Naval Songs

Meredith Monk – Summer Variations – Songs of Ascension
Meredith Monk – Paris – Pianos in the Kitchen
Toby Twining – Yes! Yes! Yes! – Eurydices

Todd Reynolds – A Needle Pulling Fred – Outerborough
Autechre – Gantz Graf – Autechre EPS 1991-2002
Jeremy Gills – Ein erhabenes Schiekunl – Helian

Emmylou Harris – Lonely Girl – Hard Bargain
Tom Waits – Briar 8 the Rose – David Lynch Foundation
Laura Cantrell – It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels – Kitty Wells Dresses : Songs of the Queen of Country

His Name Is Alive – After I Leave You – Detrola
Anti-Social Music – Apparitions of the Industrial Wasteland – is the Future of Everything

Massimo Bassan – Incendiario – Stony Brook Contemporary Players
Garrett Schatzer – The Holiday – Mason Fish

Marigold Opera – Dress of Flames – Demo
Gutbucket -Tryst and Shout -Flock
Black Keys – Dearest-Rave on Buddy Holly
They Might Be Giants – Let Your Hair Hang Down – Join Us
Civil War Naval Songs



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