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Links: Silence, Sci-Fi, Street Art, Abbreviations

July 15, 2011
  • Common Sci-Fi musical instruments. It’s like a cliché convention.
  • An essay on why microphone should be abbreviated Mike.
  • I really like when people give an insight into the process of creation. Here’s a draft form of J. M. Gerraughty’s “Overbite”
  • A flickr set of 20th Century avant-garde book covers.
  • The Tank is moving and needs funds to make it a reality.
  • Cory Doctorow in a very well written essay on how the Internet changed publishing.
  • Wheat pasted QR codes in Berlin that play music. Really cool.
  • Jeremy Denk says classical music can be funny.
  • What Radiolab looks like.
  • Alex Ross discusses the current state of NYCO after their 2011-2012 season announcement.
  • “Webern was the last composer before the advent of air conditioning.” Daniel Wolf on silence in music and pairing new music to spaces.
  • What happens when corporations write music. I’m a Tractor Driving Man!
  • Street artist Swoon has a new project incorporating music that is happening in New Orleans.
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