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Thursdaisy, G+

July 12, 2011

So I’ve been doing the long track at 3pm thing, but since Pat Muchmore will be on the show, I don’t know if we’ll be doing that. If we do, it’ll be by Pat, so you should tune in because he does awesome music. If we don’t, we’ll probably be talking about something awesome. I have things to talk about, and when I run out of them, I’m sure Pat can wow you all with his knowledge of 12th Century Chinese art.

Also, I am on the G+ here. As someone who adopted Facebook as a 20 year old and treated the space like a 20 year old, the idea of starting anew as a proper adult is pretty appealing. Also, I’ve come to realize that the network I’ve built on twitter is entirely different than Facebook, so I’m hoping to integrate the two (and separate the content I send to each, because OMG Circles). I hope you join me. I promise I’ll act my age. Also, if you would like an invite just send me an e-mail at Douglas dot Laustsen at the gmail.

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