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Links 7/8/11 Gysin, wugazi, more opera

July 8, 2011
  • I really like it when composers toss up some free music online. Here are some fresh recordings of pieces by Roger Bourland.
  • I’m not sure why they all dropped at the same time, but there’s a bunch of new stuff from Nico Muhly talking about making his opera Two Boys a reality. I’m going to avoid reading any more reviews on it so I can see it with a fairly clear mind.
  • After sharing this piece, which was solid all around. The curse of the operatic section was really insightful, I think.
  • If you like fugazi and wu tang clan, well, here is wugazi.
  • Createquity added hundreds of pages to my reading lists this week. Arts, Inc. is at the top of the list.
  • Brion Gysin’s I am that I am from Pliable.
  • You already missed the first one, but you still have two more chances to watch some movies about opera at the Gershwin with operamission.
  • Lucid Culture’s July (and August) event listings for NYC.
  • The University of Chicago has put up their History of Cartography online. Awesome.
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