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Links: copyright, sounds, Owls!

June 24, 2011
  • The Kind of Bloop guy got sued for his album art. I’m beginning to doubt whether we’ll ever have a logical overhaul of copyright law.
  • Speaking of, Everything is a Remix part THREE
  • Alfred Hitchcock on Television. I wonder if he said this before or after his television work.
  • I’m going to start using “Owl Criticism” fairly often, since it quickly explains a problem I often have when reading reviews.
  • Some gorgeous music made from a single synthesizer.
  • Perhaps this XKCD would be better called Snob
  • This Decemberists photo project is gorgeous.
  • Hockey is like atonal music, and other sports analogies. This was the best thing I read all week. I disagree with some of it, but no doubt because I’ve learned how to interpret the information in a hockey game more than a casual watcher.
  • Jeremy Denk lays the smack down on the ultra-casual dress in classical music lobby
  • Early film special effects about a small ensemble. Viewed from our 21st century eyes, it seems to be a commentary on the power of computers to allow a single person to be the entire band and conductor.
  • Some counterpoint to my usual Cage cheerleading from The Big City.
  • Bjork talks to Arvo Part.
  • Finally, Greenleaf Music is starting a new netlabel of cheap recordings of extremely talented musicians called Rare Metals. Check it out.
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