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Links 6/17/2011

June 17, 2011
  • The wonderful David Smooke (of New Music Box fame), is playing at The Super Coda this weekend. Go!
  • I mean, if you’re not in Philadelphia and going to see my group, Beta Test.
  • Get this while you can: Membership to LPR at a steep discount.
  • Greg Sandow is most interesting when he pushes those questions people don’t like answering, even if the questions are sometimes flamebait-like.
  • A great new blog: Listening to 20/21st century music.
  • The best thing I heard all week, easily. Piano Rag + Rap.
  • The pictures of the rioting in Vancouver are absolutely surreal. Me like hockey. Me like destruction. Me don’t like mindless destruction.
  • Speaking of mindless, Sarah Palin thinks the NEA will solve the budget deficit.
  • I think by @EliottJonathan on the twitter, some Cello Machine Music.
  • Taking care of the visual aesthetic of a score is very significant. I don’t think that’s a surprise. I do think some of Daniel’s details on what he finds make scores more readable is very useful to Sibelius and finale users.
  • Arty Bollocks Generator
  • A Kickstarter for Dale Trumbore.
  • Last, the trailer to Nico Muhly’s soon to be premiered opera is fantastic.
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