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May 20, 2011
  • The music of Felix Arndt is an interesting example of collage, from what I believe is the earliest part of the 20th Century.
  • Politics and governing are different things, but if you’re against the government control, shouldn’t you be in support of independently appointed servants?
  • Cheers to Alvan Lucier
  • I am not holding my breath for an opera company to receive a letter from artists complaining that the excessive amount of sameness in their season is alienating concert goers. Or, for that matter, a blog about it from a clearly conservative point of view pretending to have an objective perspective on the matter.
  • Some more free music to listen to from Jenn Jolley.
  • Mahler needed an editor? You think?
  • If you can, you should check out the Bloomfield Youth Band concert coming up on June 11. The kids have some serious chops.
  • From Nat Evans, Terry Riley hanging out with Big Boi of Outkast.  Really.
  • I’m a terrible self-promoter #1: I created a twitter account that tweet’s the text of Pierrot. Michael Monroe decided it would be cool to then make an xtranormal out of it, before I really told anyone I had done the Pierrot account. Thank’s MM!
  • I’m a terrible self-promoter #2: I have music on the Internet. One is a cd-r I made called City Shadows. The other is a collage project I’ve been working on called The Force of a Future Recollection. Take a listen.
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