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Play List 5/19/2011 1-3pm with Jack Curits Dubowsky!

May 19, 2011

Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble – Retina -III
Meredith Monk – Summer Variation – Songs of Ascension

Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble – Tambura Trudge – III
The Paul Bailey Ensemble – Cheap Admiration – Alt-Classical
Reverand Screaming Fingers – Blindfold – Music for Driving and Film Vol. 1

Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble – Lazy Eye – III
Tod Machover – VALIS Song – VALIS
John Cage and David Tudor – Excerpts 10pm-11am – Variations IV

Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble – Spinet Arpeggio – III
CEX – 12exalt – Tiny Creature
Mazzoli, Missy – Magic with Everyday Objects – NOW Ensemble

Jack Curtis Dubowsky Ensemble – Wobble Eye – III
CAN – Don’t Turn the Light On, Leave Me Alone – Norwegian Wood
Trent Reznor – In Motion – The Social Network

Jack Curtis Dubowsky – Sleep – III
Joshua Redman – Unravel -James Farm
Friedman, Jefferson – String Quartet No. 3 – Chiara String Quartet

Jack Curtis Dubowsky – Lattice Degeneration – III

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