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May 2, 2011

It’s Spring, and like the last two Springs in the past, a large quantity of albums have been released, and they’ve all been seriously awesome.  Unfortunately the quantity has reached an overload point by a whole lot, to the point that I realized on Friday while talking to Ken Thomson about his track on Outerborough that I still haven’t listened to the new gutbucket album, which I was pretty fanatically excited about when they released the teaser track. So, here are the albums I have gotten a chance to listen to more than a couple of times, that are really good, that I’m never ever going to have the time to review. In place of a review, I will write one sentence.

  • Anti-Social Music: ASM Is The Future of Everything. It’s a scatter shot of styles and intensity, just you’d expect.
  • Todd Reynolds: Outerborough. This is one of the coolest displays of extreme talent I’ve heard in a long while.
  • Dream Zoo: Dream Zoo.  A cool song cycle, and I’m not even sure where you’d find this, except maybe by catching a Super Coda performance.
  • The Paul Bailey Ensemble: Alt-Classical. I’m still rotating this in my listening after a few months because it puts me in a happy place.
  • Corey Dargel: Last Words from Texas. If you’re familiar with Corey, this is his treatment of the last words by executed prisoners (and free, thanks NYT!).
  • Reverend Screaming Fingers: Music for Driving and Film, vol. II. A really solid collection of tracks displaying a variety of sounds and some great moments of beauty.
  • Jim Perkins: Grains. I love creative uses of recording.
Hope to see you Friday!
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