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Doctor Who Links

April 22, 2011
I think we all know what Sunday is. Doctor Who day. Wait, it’s also Easter? Gah, how am I supposed to watch Doctor Who and be with family at the same time?
  • Max Matthews passed away yesterday. His fingerprints are essentially in every piece of music that uses computers today. It’s a loss for everyone.
  • Pet Sounds mashed up and mangled. It’s really spectacular music.
  • The New Sythetists article seems to be a lament on how the current music landscape does not easily fit in music history. “It is important to understand that the Global Village pattern is caused by the instantaneous movement of information from every quarter to every point at the same time” (McLuhan), seems to be useful to interject into the conversation.
  • Music from Explorations composer C. R. Kasprzyk.
  • I’m beginning to admit defeat in the transition from an ownership to an access society. We’ve already crossed a point where the amount of supply in cultural products is essentially limitless. The biggest advantage ownership has over access is to control supply, so why not try and arrive at a system that takes the critical mass as a given and finds the best way to offer music?
  • Your #operaplot winners.
  • New recordings of Kyle Gann’s music!
  • Super duper well done piece on David T. Little.
  • xkcd wins again.

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