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Link Friday: lots of sounds, future of classical music, and more!

April 15, 2011
  • If you’re going to read anything this weekend, read this from Ethan Iverson. Then go listen to some Monk.
  • I wouldn’t really expect Bernard Hermann to be a master of long forms, but its nice to hear his easily identifiable scoring in the setting of a symphony.
  • Gorgeous and frightening and beautiful all at the same time: Saxophone drone.
  • Music from Britain’s version of Harlan County, USA (easily the most depressing film I’ve ever seen)
  • Between Life’s Too Short on his new album, and this, I’m really really digging Paul’s vocal music at the moment.
  • “I seem to be completely unable to unhear key-clicking or mouthpiece squawks on the saxophone. I love the idea of the saxophone, and have heard some extraordinary musicians wrestle with it, but I just can’t hear it as completely musical yet.”
  • I probably shouldn’t have missed this performance. Luckily, the Internet saved it, in a way.
  • More Music! The idea of “unprocessed laptop” for some reason reminds me of “unprocessed sugars” which is really amusing. I’m easily amused.
  • More More Music! Listen to the whole album! Pick it up at their record release 4/29 in new yak siti
  • More More More… wait, nevermind. It’s a radio play. I’m about halfway through. It’s great..
  • The only people who don’t know it’s over are the ones at the helm, I think.
  • Related: Throwdown!
  • In my back pocket for the next Internet argument I get in.
  • Happy #operaplot ing, people!
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  1. April 15, 2011 10:55 am

    Whoa. Thanks for the heads-up on that Dick Landry CD. Bought that one IMMEDIATELY.

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