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April ItsSnowing?!?You’veGotToBeKiddingMe Links

April 1, 2011
  • American Labor and European Labor have very different perspectives on how to deal with management. It boils down to the ultimate goal a union has for existing. European unions were originally set up to acquire and own the means of production as a collective. Based on the UAW, American unions have preferred to avoid taking on the responsibilities of management and have instead preferred to just negotiate pay and benefits. The Detroit Symphony musicians has a chance to do something truly revolutionary right now, if they have courage, pride, and truly value the creation of music.
  • More great classical music album covers, and not so great ones.
  • Smooth Jazz Brahms. It’s brilliant.
  • I’ll be in rehearsal, but YOU should listen to the Switchboard Music Festival this Sunday. If you’re not local to SF, you can watch a stream! The Internet, it’s Great!
  • I copyrighted my first pieces of music last weekend, which now puts me on all sorts of teams of the copyright game. One team I don’t play for is the one suing Limewire for 75 trillion dollars because that’s just absurd.
  • Finally, How to steal like an artist. Austen Kleon is my favorite person of the day. His Sinking Titanic print is now hanging above my bed. Possibly related, I haven’t had a good nights sleep in a week.
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