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Introducing: Beta Test

March 30, 2011

So, I’ve started a new music geek ensemble.  It’s called Beta Test.  You can follow us on twitter, and like us on facebook. If you follow either of those in the near future, I’ll be posting a track just for you to download weeks before anyone else can get their hands on it.

So, what’s the big deal? Mostly, I wanted an excuse to have a twitter account that only followed Warren Ellis (That’s only half a joke) (I know eventually I’ll have to follow someone other than Warren Ellis).

We’re a group that partially plays music inspired by a lot of things that we’re into, which happens to generally be considered geeky. In our first gig, which will be in early May and announced for sure very soon, we’ll be playing you might recall being in Doctor Who or Mega Man, and we’ll also be premiering music that’s inspired by Ms. Pac-Man, Watchmen, and other things.

We’re also partially a contemporary music ensemble, and part of the non-geeky music (what contemporary music isn’t geeky, really?) includes a premiere by Nat Evans, called No Origination. There might also be some Reich and Gabrieli thrown into the mix. Some of the music might be a little geek and a little new music.

Comprised of three brass players, a couple of reed players, a piano and drums, we’re not exactly going to be timid, but we’re also not straight up rock.  We’re parts lots of things, but we should be completely fun.  Hopefully you can join us for the ride.

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