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Links: Piano preparations, trashy celebs, and the hive mind

February 28, 2011
  • Good music is good.
  • The best thing I read all of last week: crowd sourcing in the world of arts funding.
  • A few weeks back I read Warren Ellis’ Planetary.  It’s a comic book.  So I started reading his blog last week, which, from what I can tell, is just random pictures of things around him.  It’s dreadfully boring but also highly addicting.
  • The Detroit symphony issue has gone from bad to worse to “less likely to be resolved than the Israel-Palistinian conflict”
  • Reflections on Inuksuit.
  • Greg Sandow on the issue of opera actors not, um, being good actors.  The comments provide a great counterpoint.
  • Amanda Ameer does a good job of being civil, much better than I could in this post about Anna Nicole.  I mean, what the fuck was the Royal Opera House thinking releasing a promotional video for an opera and not including music from the opera?  Are any of those people involved in the opera?  What the hell.
  • Cool new podcast.
  • Worst Timeout Ever.
  • Finally, my friend Steve has started a blog on the music in games.  This post explores the capabilities of the original Nintendo system.
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