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Links: video games, subscriptions, and DNA

February 21, 2011
  • Great commentary on the current proposed NEA funding reductions.
  • Frank Zappa suggested some ideas for subscription based music delivery way back in 1983.
  • I really hope I get to hear this at some point, because a double helix musical structure sounds amaaaaazing.
  • 1) I don’t think I ever mentioned how amazing this picture of Jeremy Denk is, both because I totally related to beer  shopping while having your head inside a piece of music and its visually hysterical. 2) This is a fun read, and all I have to add is that Jeremy Denk could pretty much record any oversaturated recorded piece of music, and I’ll be okay with that.
  • That’s okay, I am considerably smarter than you.
  • Percy Grainger died yesterday forty years ago.
  • “We have to do a better job of communicating how extradinary, how strange, beautiful and, yes, difficult this experience can be…”
  • Finally, “Waiting for Godot,” the Video Game.
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