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February 14, 2011
No, not really.
  • I’m sorry, but I can’t date someone that doesn’t burst with love when they hear Milton Babbitt’s “The Joy of More Sextets”
  • Yesterday I got an HTC Incredible and then found a great article about experimental video games including the audio only, iOS only Papa Sangre.  Cannot wait until its ported over.
  • Want some insights into Turandot?
  • More Nixon in China:  George Grella loves it and has some great commentary on it.
  • Alex Ross takes issue to other people finding it too, err, fictional for their memory.  For what it’s worth, the humanizing elements, however unrefined and incomplete, make me appreciate and like all of the people more.  It’s easy to treat significant political figures like cardboard cut outs which to raise onto a pedestal or drag through the mud, but this opera reminds us that Nixon and Mao, and even our current political leaders, are human beings.  I also get faint vibes that Mr. Frankel believes the opera does not support America enough, which I think is ludicrous and an attempt to fit the opera into Cold War propaganda rather than art.
  • Some more thoughts on the opera to more middling reviews.
  • Welcome to the future of DRM
  • Corey Dargel’s Other People’s Love Songs live inside your computer speakers!
  • If you have a few bucks to spare, send them to ThingNY’s new IndieGogo project.
  • Yo La Tengo acts out an episode of Seinfeld during one of their shows.  The crowd was pissed.  Problem: they asked for it.
  • There’s some good stuff in here: The Future of Art
  • I’m gonna post some more about this later in the week, but here’s Olivia Giovetti’s rundown of the big #DWG twitter talk that happened on Thursday.
  • Finally, here’s a track off the new Donny McCaslin album I’ve been playing on the show:

Energy Generation by DonnyMcCaslin

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