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Superbowl Monday (as in, no more football!) Links

February 7, 2011

So, we can talk about hockey now, right?

  • The Matrix, Blasphemy, David Bowie, and Classical Music.
  • A little late in posting this, but you can catch up.  Make an album in a month!
  • Unrelated to the rest of the interview of Matt Marks by Cornelius Dufallo (or is it?), but I love the parting advice.  “Don’t define your music by what it isn’t.”  Of course, one could have a lot of fun by doing the exact opposite to extreme levels.
  • Maybe next year I’ll come up with a musical version of this.  I love Jar 37 so much, and I wish this was not happening on a different land mass.
  • At first, I wish the chart defined whether the results were “primary answer given by respondents” or “percentage of reason for each individual,” and then I remembered it was fake.
  • I suggest you sit down and read the first link posted here by Alex Ross because its very real, serious, and important.  We’re not just parlor entertainers, eh?
  • I know its been circulating for a bit, but I finally got around to watching it and its really wonderful.  (It being the Milton Babbitt documentary)
  • Read about Jonathan Cole and listen to some of his music.  Really enjoyed buburbabbar za, even if I’m not convinced of its opera-ness.
  • Over the weekend, I ended up complaining for a while about the New York Philharmonic on twitter.  I don’t take any of it back, but I should note that I felt a strong desire to opinionate on the Internet because I had just spent a long time in the car and really felt the need to talk to people.  The conversation was introduced by David Smooke on the lack of diversity in the Phil’s upcoming season, especially their New Music Series, recently announced.  Christian Carey created a forum for suggestions, and then later posted some possible programs the New York Phil could add to its season to increase the diversity.  These programs are nice and all, but I’m hesitant to create “separate but equal” programs so that women and minorities can have their spotlight.  Certainly all of these works are strong enough to stand alongside the old dead white guys, and I think it’s a disservice to try to program them only apart from the old fogeys.  Still, bravo on some constructive suggestions.  (my original opinions, if you care: I offered that in New York City folks don’t really look to the Phil for new music with all of the other opportunities, and the ensemble’s Old Boys Network is more troubling at its institutional core than its programming.)
  • Ballet is in like lipstick and American Apparel.  Wait, weren’t they going out of business?
  • Congrats to all of the finalists of 8bb’s composition contest.
  • Bigo and Twigetti riff on some Chopin.
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  1. properdiscord permalink
    February 7, 2011 2:49 pm

    I post the “results” of a “survey” without telling anybody the sample size, how the respondents were selected or how the questions were framed, without providing access to the raw data, and you jump to the conclusion that it might be fake? What is the Internet coming to? Honestly.

  2. Doug permalink*
    February 7, 2011 2:54 pm

    The Internet is all about posting wildly speculative opinions as fact! That’s what makes it so valuable to everything, according to independent research studies.

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