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The shortest month…

January 27, 2011

I just wrote down everything I planned on doing in February.  The number of concerts I’m planning on going to is intense by itself, never mind my own performances, rehearsals, conferences, and radio stuff I have set up.  If you were hoping to stalk me, here’s your chance:

(1/31 – I’m seeing the final Nixon in China dress rehearsal because I won tickets for it.  Suck it, nerds.) (Also running through mid-February)

2/11 – operamission’s Weill concerts.

2/13 – Rhys Chatham Brass Trio in Philadelphia (also in NYC a few days earlier)

2/17 – Tune In! featuring eighth blackbird, newspeak and others.  (running all that week)

2/19 –Ecstatic Music with William Brittelle and others (happening all over your calendar)

2/25 – ThingNY’s (warning, you may need sunglasses to view the page) SPAM 2.0.  I actually sent them something for this that resembles real music.  Let’s hope I’m not passed out alongside the PATH train by then.

I just hope I don’t notice anything else super awesome at the last minute.

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