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Links from the sinister city of Chicago.

January 24, 2011
Someone save me!  Ira Glass is scratching a chalkboard around my head!  Oh wait, he’s just talking.
Chicago’s been fun.  I may post some comments on the eighth blackbird gig I saw on Saturday when I settle back into the East Coast, or if I get bored in my connection.
  • Flute made with a 3-D Printer.  Nerdgasm.
  • A short story from Alan Moore.  It’s a pretty great read for a cold, dark winter day.
  • A few reviews on Nico Muhly’s newest work, including Evan Kuchar, who I met on Saturday!
  • Listening Room.  I hope to be setting up some of these soon.
  • The best reaction to the zero funding threats to the arts by the Republican House members.
  • As much as I would like to hope this is an album consisting of steam and faucet sounds, I know it’s not.
  • Well, this is kind of cool.  Missy Mazzoli scores will soon be coming to a Borders near you.
  • WRSU comrade Susan gets a feature in CMJ.
  • Music for shuffle from Irvine Brown.
  • Payton MacDonald on corrupting the youth of America exposing youth to new music.
  • Some Soviet Safety Signs.
  • Alex Ross on Film Scores in 2010.
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