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Links: Ecstatic Lost Jokes and Language

January 17, 2011
Kicking this out before I head into New Yak City for Ecstatic Music.  I’ll be there for as long as I can before I realize OH NO I’M NOT READY TO LEAVE FOR CHICAGO and then run as quickly as I can to the PATH back to New Jersey.  I’m mostly going to Chicago to eighth blackbird play Rzewski.  Bet you’re jealous!
  • Oh look, Judd Greenstein talking ‘indie-classical’ and mentioning Ecstatic Music.  What timing!  One thing I find interesting from “Death to Genre” camp, which I think Greenstein is a part of, is that their ideal world requires a huge increase in music education and how people think about music, and (much more my own opinion) a breakdown of the music business so that corporations have much less incentive to place things in neatly titled generic boxes.
  • Should “Best of” Lists target the best music or most influential?
  • Writing new music for children.
  • Charles Shere on the recent terrorism incident and language.  The quote that starts off the article seems to be the absurdist upsidedown version of “Language Control = Thought Control = People Control,” which I’ve been considering a lot lately, especially in terms of music.  What do the elements we use to build our music say about our society?  More on that at some point.
  • More on language from Mr. Twain.
  • Great info dump on busking in NYC from metafilter.
  • If you’re looking to kill a lot of time, Critical Dictionary has a treasure trove of great article, photography and music, all slickly laid out.
  • Awesome music from Paul Bailey from his upcoming album.  Life’s Too Short.
  • Drugs and Classical music, but not what you think.
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