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Links: too many to generalize

January 10, 2011

OMG Links!  SO MANY.  Definitely worth it.  Looks like people had some pent up energy after the holidays.

  • Combining something I love and hate: the Dow Jones as graphical notation. Its pretty awesome.
  • Fellow tweep @pattyoboe blogs about House Concerts.  I’m definitely all about classical music stealing from punk rock, who have house shows to limit overhead and also because they have a hard time finding other places to perform.  Sounds familiar, in fact.
  • John Adams of the first run of Nixon in China, as he’s preparing for a new one.  Really good read, despite being devoid of Hell Mouth’s absurdity.
  • I personally like most that snobbery and nostalgia touch in this brain map.
  • Mr. Muhly states the obvious about Mark Swed, or well, gets close to it.  The guy has prejudices but is incapable of expressing them honestly or even with stylistic flair.  Its okay to not like a certain aesthetic, but saying a group of musicians  have drink menus instead of programs doesn’t mean anything.  I’m also very amused the LAT haven’t fixed the spelling of Nadia’s name, considering its been 2 months… and a year.
  • Why did no one tell ME Aphex Twin performed in nyc on New Year’s Eve.  You’re all in the doghouse.  Also, these visuals using the Kinnect are awesome.
  • This NYT article bothers me mostly because it doesn’t address the fact that musicians in all styles and genres and niches sometimes aren’t 100% passionate about the music in front of them at that present moment.  Just because New Musicos aren’t doesn’t make the field less valid?  Also, the idea that performing new music just to find new titles to place in the canon is absurd.
  • I feel a really strong desire to talk about this article advocating for more Bang on a Can Jr., but I think it might take a few weeks for me to do it right, so I’m going to hold off and hope I find time soon.  In the mean time, its a good read.
  • One of the more controversial and interesting points from Greg Sandow in weeks.   Its funny how I came across this a day after AND before reading articles on how Glee was about to die.  Lots of violence in Glee, as far as I can tell, since all I hear is about its imminent death and it killing classical music.  I have still not watched a minute of it, but that’s because I hate watching commercials.
  • No music, but it does involve hockey and art, so deal.  The Buffalo Sabres rented out art museum space basically to celebrate how awesome they’ve been for 40 years through photography.  As potentially unethical as it may be, apparently the photography is terrible.  Here’s my question: is it worth it if it brings people into the museum who otherwise wouldn’t attend, especially if they make their way through other wings of the building?
  • I like good free music, do you? Let Us Sample Protection by David First and sung by Mellissa Hughes.
  • I haven’t read it yet, but I bet its really really good.  The Road to Plunderphonia, which explores the making of  John Oswald’s Plunderphonics.
  • On practicing minimalism.
  • By zooming in on these comics to a point where it de-contextualizes the moment, you can not only get a very different emotional response from the image, but the technique looks decidedly different.
  • I hope when many channel audio becomes fashionable, we can get some really awesome looking art to go along with it that I’ll be able to stack to make a website with.  Seriously, a lot of these look cooler than the music most likely sounded.
  • Josh Groban sings Kanye West tweets.
  • Finally, its not the season anymore, but if you want to watch or listen to the WRSU Christmas Carol audio play I did foley art on, your links are here:  High, Low, Video D/L
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