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NewYear Links

January 3, 2011

Not many links, but I’m trying to celebrate routine this week and do this on Monday, along with other routine like things during their specified times.

  • Speaking of conforming to routine, a great essay by jazzer Scott Robinson on the painful oppression of America’s increasingly uniform landscape, both physically and aurally.
  • Kathleen Supove shared this via her e-mail list last week.  Its a really great set of photographs shot by her father.
  • The New York Times forgot about art music.
  • Another painful reality of 2011: not only is our world becoming more bland and uniform, but copyright still seems to be more valued than the public domain.  Even still, January 1st is Public Domain Day, and a lot of new artworks now belong to the Public and not some jerk named Disney.

Also, I somehow forgot about the new Venetian Snares album last week, which was a much better bounce back album than Max Richter’s infra.  Both are great albums, but the Snares album had a lot more to prove.

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