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Play List 12/29/2010 4-6pm

December 29, 2010

Holy bejeezus its almost 2011

John Hollenbeck Large Ensemble – April in Reggae – A Blessing
Martin, J – Before Night Falls: “Reinaldo Arenas” – Fort Worth Opera
Shostakovich, DS – Symphony 11: III – Mariinsky Orchestra, Valery Gergie
Victoire – Cathedral City – Cathedral City
Brown, Ryan – Knee Gas (On) – Sqwonk
So Percussion and Matmos – Needles – Treasure State
Reich, S – Double Sextet: I – eighth blackbird
The Orb – Little Fluffy Clouds – Impossible Oddities
Scrambles of Earth – Queen’s Queen – Voyager Interstellar Record
Glass, P – String Sextet: III – Glass Chamber Players
Hauschka – Children – Foreign Landscapes
Einsturzende Neubauten – Tagelang Weiss – Strategies Against Architecture IV
New Order – Your Silent Face – Bustin’ Out
Xenakis, I – Akea – JACK Quartet, Aki Takahashi
Dave Brubeck – Jeepers Creepers – Legacy of Legend
Allemeier, John – Rocket – Anna Cromwell, Mira Frisch
Del Sol String Quartet – Crack – Tear
Susumu Yokota – Your Twinkling Light – Kaleidoscope


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