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Play List 12/22/2010 4-6pm

December 22, 2010

clarinette – cloud fusing – Haze
Antheil, G – Lithuanian Nights – Del Sol String Quartet

Ted Hearne – Kanye West – Katrina Ballads
Hauschka – Sunny Mission – Foreign Landscapes
Elvis Costello – You Hung the Moon – National Ransom

Treuting, Jason – (blank) – janus trio
Shrude, Marilyn – A Virtual Reality – Bowling Green Philharmonia, cond Emily Freeman Brown

Fefferman, Lainie – Tongue of Thorns – dither
Loop 2.4.3 – Urban Mantra – Batterie
Andrew WK – Silent Night –,48698/

Victoire – I’m coming for my things – Cathedral City
Complaints Choir – Chicago
Dargel, Corey – 13 Near Death Experiences: Sometimes a Migraine is just a Migraine – Corey Dargel, ICE, David T. Little

Scrambles of Earth – Elegy for Pluto – Voyager Interstellar Record
Kirkland Snider, Sarah – Penelope: Lotus Eater – Shara Worden and Signal
Brahms, J – Trio in Eb: IV – Jennifer Frautschi, Eri Ruske, Stephen Prutsman

Einsturzende Neubauten – X – Strategies Against Architecture IV
Taylor, Stephen Andrew – Seven Memorials: Glacier– Gloria Cheng
Half-Handed Cloud – Maritime Rites -Stowaways

Collins, Edward Joseph – Sonata Op. 2/14 – Arnaud Sussmann, Anna Polonsky

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