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“My head hurts” links

December 16, 2010
  • Hear clips of some new music by Explorations-er Tony Solitro and Gonzales Cantata evil mastermind Melissa Dunphy.
  • This is your regularly scheduled announcement that looks can be deceiving, and to dine somewhere else when going to Lincoln Center
  • Mr. Sandow talking about the drying up freelance market.
  • When you collaborate with terrorists U2, you do not get my pity, unless you fell 30 feet into a hole.  This seems as good of a time as any to turn back the clock and link to you U2’s lost song NEGATIVLAND (very NSFW).
  • Matt Marks talking about Christmas music.  I have similar feelings, in that I’m not against Christmas music or the Christmas season.  Hardly, actually.  I just hate the over repeated crap that is force fed to us for a month, and I don’t totally understand why we can’t have Christmas cheer year round, since its really not that hard.  I also like Christmas music because it’s like a challenge.  No one sits down to right a crappy Christmas song.  No one even sits down to right an average or simply good Christmas song.  The competition is too steep to phone it in, and I think its created a handful of really excellent tracks over the years.
  • Its a slow read but for anyone who has ever lived in a house with a bunch of punks, this definitely drops you right back into that moment.
  • Seriously, let’s reform copyright.
  • All Frank Oteri wants for Christmas is…
  • Nico Muhly makes you think he’s going to talk about some new music he wrote for eighth blackbird, but he’s actually just going to write about the unfortunate lack of capitalization in the contemporary music world.
  • Speaking of NON boring Christmas music…
  • I’m going to try and not make a habit of this since I could spend an hour each week just linking to every Kickstarter I come across that is awesome, but here is one.
  • Banksy donates to a radical Russian art collective.  My opinion in Banksy had decreased a bit when I started to think he might be turning anti-consumerism feelings into a commodity to consume, but I’m glad he’s putting his riches to good use.
  • Not music related:  200 phrases Ben Franklin used for drunk.
  • Kyle Gann gets shut down by wikipedia.  I generally only use Wikipedia for information related to Doctor Who, and I can totally see how this would happen to him, with the Wiki-cult’s reputation.  At least the correct information is online somewhere.
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