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Gift Giving the Eighth

December 13, 2010

Last week I was entirely stumped over what I should be asking for this Holiday season.  I’m personally privileged enough that when something new comes out, if I’m interested in it, I generally go ahead and get it.  So, I generally have to make up stuff I don’t really want, or things that are a few years old that I forgot I wanted a long time ago.  I also find the idea of requesting things from other people generally weird, so I don’t put very much effort into it.  Anyway, I figured I’d feature a handful of things that I think are pretty cool but not the newest or hottest things that you would find on any featured gift list.  They’ll also all be radio and music related, maybe.


(You’ll need to forgive the Doug quality photograph, which is a few notches below amateur).
I was a latecomer to the world of iPods.  I didn’t feel like I wanted to carry one around with me, and unless it could carry ALL my music, why bother?  I’ll just pack a few cds and go about my way, was the thinking.  Eventually I broke down and am going on 2 years with owning an Apple product (I still feel a little dirty saying that).
As soon as I got the iPod, I knew I had to protect my investment and I chose to go the etsy path rather than give that Evil Fruit Company any more money.  I quickly settled on this cute little bugger to left, who has been pretty much at my side constantly ever since.  Besides being the most adorable way to hold an iPod, its also held up  remarkably well.  It needs a bath at the moment, but that would only be the second one I’ve given it, and the seams finally needed a tad bit of mending for the first time last month.

Unfortunately, you can’t find any animals as cute as my frog at the moment, but the etsy seller has some that almost give Froggy a run for its money.  I’m looking at you Orca!  If you want something a little more personal than the stock ipod cases,  I definitely suggest you take a look at these.



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