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December 6, 2010
  • Call for music #1: While I don’t necessarily agree that its a complete survey of contemporary music today (some voices can’t be expressed in under 60 seconds), I really love the 60×60 project.
  • Arsenic flavored cocktails are my kind of party, if you know what I mean.
  • Super Coda has been putting on regular shows for a while and now have a festival!  Go see it if you’re in the fair borough of Brooklyn
  • Economics 101 for Arts Organizations, or rather, the people who patronize them.
  • Nothing like this exists in the US, right?  Massive governmental support for experimental music? I can’t even process that, really.
  • Pliable‘s opening takedown of Norman Lebrecht is squirt coffee at the computer screen funny.
  • Call for music #2: ACME performing your music is pretty awesome, as is Sequenza21 getting its hands dirty.
  • More comedy, this time from Ken Ueno.  I actually yelled at myself last week for some music I wrote/was learning.  It was an awkward conversation for everyone else at the grocery store.
  • Musicians may like to play your music, and audiences appreciate your soul bearing, but will it DOMINATE THE FUTURE?!?!
  • Interesting talk on Cage, or at least the part Wolf mentions.  I’ve always wished Cage spent more time discussing how he’s able to remove the ego from compositional practices.  I’m not sure I believe that removing the ego for a portion of a piece essentially nullifies all of the other decisions he made.  Its more like creating a small ego-free zone.
  • The London Sinfonietta kicks my Holiday Countdown List’s butt.
  • Call for music #3: SPAM v2.0, which you may remember from podcasts like this one.

Stay safe out there, people.  You may not know this, but more people die in malls than at new music concerts each year since the end of World War II.

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