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Gift Giving the Fourth

December 3, 2010

Last week I was entirely stumped over what I should be asking for this Holiday season.  I’m personally privileged enough that when something new comes out, if I’m interested in it, I generally go ahead and get it.  So, I generally have to make up stuff I don’t really want, or things that are a few years old that I forgot I wanted a long time ago.  I also find the idea of requesting things from other people generally weird, so I don’t put very much effort into it.  Anyway, I figured I’d feature a handful of things that I think are pretty cool but not the newest or hottest things that you would find on any featured gift list.  They’ll also all be radio and music related, maybe.

Throw out all of your other Peter and the Wolf videos and recordings.  There’s no way they can compete with this one.

I first found this when looking for a good movie to play for my elementary students around the holidays, but I ended up finding a movie that I’ll watch every year just for my own enjoyment (on top of the seemingly infinite number of times I’d watch it with the kiddos).

This Peter and the Wolf  does some light editing of the music in order to create an endearing story using stop motion animation.  It’s setting in a very bleak Russian at first seems to make it not friendly to children, but I think, unlike the more classic cartoon version, the dark scenery helps to magnify both the warmth and suspense of the story.

Also of note, the story uses no narration, but is very easy to follow.  And, it has a cat.  One almost as cool as Behemoth in The Master and Margarita.

Anyway, looking online, this is easily a steal as a holiday gift for someone who loves Russian classical music, stop motion animation, or really just awesome things.  Along with the DVD also comes with a “making of” video and some other fun featurettes.



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