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Play List 12/1/2010 4-6pm

December 1, 2010

Corigliano, John – Symphony No. 1: Tarantella –
Full of Fancy – Whoa, Theodore, Whoa – Liquid Nation
Dargel, Corey – 13 Near Death Experiences: Every Time You Undress Me – Corey Dargel, ICE, David T. Little
Jonathan Richman – O moon, Queen of Night on Earth – O moon, Queen of Night on Earth

Davidovsky, M – Festino – Dan Lippel, ICE
Hauschka – Snow – Foreign Landscapes
Scrambles of Earth – I am Getting Married to a Spaceship – The Voyager Interstellar Record

Olekranon – Enumbra – Enumbra
Muchmore, Pat – Broken Aphorisms 7-11 – Anti-Social Music
Elvis Costello – A Voice in the Dark – National Ransom

efterklang – chapter 6 – tripper
Vopat – contracting lead – silhouette
Shobaleader One – Cryptic Motion – D’Demonstrator

Sufjan Stevens – Geat Real Get Right – Age of Adz
Snider, Sarah Kirkland – Penelope: Circe and the Hanged Man – Shara Worden and Signal
Reich, Steve – Double Sextet: III – eighth blackbird

Screaming Females – Deluxe – Castle Talk
Trillo-Figueroa, Mikael – T-`TpNX
Alva Noto – sonolumi – For 2

Martin, J – Before Night Falls: Dark and ancient fortress – Fort Worth Opera, cond Joseph Illick
Ted Hearne – Barbara Bush- Katrina Ballads

The Respect Sextet – Improv #3 – The Full Respect

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