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Links post turkey pre Doctor Who Christmas Special

November 29, 2010
  • Gunther Schuller turned 85 last week!
  • Certainly an interesting topic that produced some good conversation.  I think performing single movements is definitely allowable if that movement, well, is good on its own.  Very controversial, I know.
  • In 500 years, are we more likely to remember the Little Match Girl Passion or that solid investment prediction your adviser had?
  • My friend Paul had a solid article on the re-animated ONCE Festival that he just sent me.  Good for background on the original ONCEs and a review of the concert.
  • I have to admit that I am just as excited by formal ingenuity as pretty sounds.  A really great, if lengthy read, on the role of the idea in music.
  • What?  You want to listen to a great big band and a live recording from a recent gig?  Here you go.
  • A musical analysis of Gimme Pizza.  Really.
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