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Play list 11/24/2010 4-6pm

November 24, 2010

Shostakovich, D – Symphony 2: I – Mariinsky Orchestra and Chorus, cond Gergiev
Clyne, Anna – On Track – Kathleen Supove
Dargel, Corey – Someone Will Take Care of Me: – Corey Dargel and Kathleen Supove
Taylor, S A – Quark Shadows: I – Oto Carillo, Masumi Rostad, Michael Cameron, Daniel Schlosberg
Scrambles of Earth – III- Tempered Wedding – The Voyager Interstellar Record
Half-handed Cloud  – Source of the Watercourse – Stowaways
boyadjian, hayg – Vientos – Duo46
Loop 2.4.3 – DBC – Batterie
Bruce Haack – Maybe This Song – The Electric Voice
Ted Hearne – Hardy Jackson – Katrina Ballads
Complaints Choir NYC – New York Complaints Choir Song
Respect Sextet – Jazz is Dead, But Sometimes I like to Dance with the Skeletons
Snider, Sarah Kirkland – Penelope: Calypso – Shara Worden, Signal
Yun, Du – Vicissitudes No. 1 – ICE
efterklang – bright -springer
Antheil, George – String Quartet No. 3: I – Del Sol String Quartet

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