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Links Monday, unless I don’t finish this until Tuesday

November 22, 2010


  • I got to see operamission’s performance of Winterreise on Saturday.  It was really really awesome, and I highly recommend you find a way to go on December 4th.
  • I’m not a big fan of TED because often really obvious things are presented in a way to make you think they’re really fancy ideas.  This talk by David Byrne is no exception, but you may think differently.
  • Paul Bailey’s latest musical offerings at alt-Classical have all been stellar.  Great surprises to find in my google reader.
  • Hindsight is always 20/20 is a neat project
  • Daniel Wolf makes a really convincing case about copyright, but I still don’t totally agree. In an era where everything is copyrighted, how is one supposed to make any sort of referential statement?  The reality is there is no such thing as folk music today, and the closest thing to folk music is pop music, at least in terms of its widespread familiarity throughout society.  Putting all of pop music behind a creative barbed wire fence makes it very difficult to make any comment on society.
  • Matt Marks has some new stuffs you can listen to on the YouTube.  Not bad at all.
  • Great feature on Sarah Kirkland Snider’s Penelope on Venus Zine. Double points for being informative in a way that most non-musicos can read (as much as I can tell)
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