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September 27, 2010

I’m starting to think I need a camera, since describing things with words is really tiring.  Will You Miss Me When I’m Gone has pictures and a pretty great, short, recap on the event. I’m not going to rehash that, since its pretty much spot on and a lot more colorful than what I could do, and I’m lazy.  So instead, I’ll just send out a ton of shout outs.

Since the week was light on links (I imagine most people are back to doing their ‘jobs’ since Fall is in full swing… oh wait, it was really friggin hot this weekend?), here they be:

Paper Items

  • Newspeak ensemble has a CD that is coming out.  Here’s a link to the information, which is nowhere near as snazzy as the cards with some cryptic quotes on one side and the link to their site on the other.  Their performance was also LOUD.  Very awesome and perfect for the space/event.
  • Other business cards: Carrier Records, RedShift Ensemble (Greenwich House 10/2! and a performance in Alaska?! this Spring), Oracle Hysterical (okay… no contact information anywhere on the card.  I get YOU’RE an Oracle, but well, I’m not, so I can’t figure these things out on my own), and fellow radio comrade Music for Internets (@UncleJubb on The Twitter)
  • I have a really pretty card from Angelica Negron, and I’m really looking forward to hear the recently recorded music.  The stuff posted on her site’s pretty and gorgeous.
  • Bigger sized cards include Transit Percussion (10/14 @ Galapagos with So Percussion and others), Iktus Percussion (a few shows, including one on my birthdaisy of music by Stockhausen at Issue/Project! Party!), Yarn/Wire (lots all over the place, but 10/26 in NYC). Fun fact: Percussionists love postcard sized promotional materials
  • ThingNY had by far the coolest card/informational thinger.  It’s a rectangular looking thing going the minimalist route that unfolds into a triangular explosion of information.  Keep an eye out 12/19 for some live musicking.


I walked in as Dither/Mantra Percussion were starting.  They put on one of the wackiest performance pieces I’ve seen in a while.  Based on the program, I guess it was actually more than one, but grouped together as “Deprivation Pieces.”  Just picture people blindfolded dropping pencils on guitars and drums.  Yupp.

After that Kathleen Supove played.  I thought the Missy Mazzoli piece was way too intimate with all the chatting going on.  She also did Toes from Removable Parts by Corey Dargel, who joined in (which was an amusing moment of theater or awkwardness).  As you can tell by my play lists and comments, I love the album and was delighted to hear it live.

Sorry to say that from then on I was only really tuning in and out with the music.  I thought David T. Little’s piece by Todd Reynolds was interesting, and I also want to hear that again with less background noise.  Also, Ken Thomson joined Todd and rocked out in spectacular fashion.  Ensemble de Sade was amusing and I really wish they’d play more.

CDs (keep in mind these are all first impressions, as I haven’t listened to the 9 hours of music I got more than once since 48 hours ago.  Sue me.)

  • Respect Sextet – The Full Respect (Joe’s Pup 10/7!).  They also played but my brain was full of music already.  The album sits right in between ‘thinking’ and ‘dancing’ music, which is not terribly easy.
  • Sqwonk – Black (Playing with RedShift 10/2!).  Two bass clarinets and lots and lots of notes. Love it. My only complaint is the typography, which is the only boring thing on the disc.
  • Loop 2.4.3 My standing rule applies regarding conflicts between my show and live music.  You should always go see the live music.  Loop’s doing a Fall residency at The Tank on 10/13 and 11/10.  There will be new works on both shows.  I picked up their first album and it’s almost as good as their second release (which came out a year or so ago and despite being “classical music” got a lot of airplay at WRSU.  I also played it a lot, because well, it was really good.)
  • Kathleen Supove- The Exploding Piano.  Kathleen’s a sweetheart and a great conversation.  On here is the Missy Mazzoli piece she played live and I love it.  The whole disk is really great.
  • Loadbang– Yellow (10/24 at Roger Smith Hotel). Small run, individually crafted/numbered CDs with an insert that has information on it.  The guy at the table couldn’t guarantee I could read it because he didn’t know if I could read.  He also didn’t tell me that the text/paper is semi-transparent.  Sneaky.  The music is slightly deranged.  I like deranged.
  • Xenakis Piano Works.  I got this from the Mode Records table. Along with this I picked up their entire catalogue in print form (remember those?).  This catalogue is a testament to the great work MODE does, which includes releasing music that might never get recorded otherwise.  They’ve also been doing it for 25 years, so respect.  I need a few more listens to really get into this music, which I feel like I should be allowed.  Its Xenakis for piano+other instruments.  It’s a little complicated.
  • International Contemporary Ensemble + Dan Lippel – Abandoned Time.  I also haven’t full explored this album as its got some dense music in it, but it sounds really solid.  Still not sure if the guy working the table was messing with me when he said he knew nothing about ICE or had any relationship with them.  I did get ANOTHER pin from the group and matches, so he’s free to mess with me.
  • Dither– Self/Titled.  “Dither is an electric guitar quartet…”  Yeah.  I can’t wait to listen to this on the WRSU speakers cranked. The piece by Lisa Coons gets under your skin in the best way possible.
  • Victoire – Cathedral City  If I wasn’t totally sure about this after seeing them at the New Amsterdam showcase earlier this month, I’m sold now.  I think Victoire is music meant to be listened to on recording; the tracks often feature private sounds.  It’s also orange.  I like orange.

(Take that as a Philadelphia Flyers or Halloween comment. Both are correct.)

Finally, Beer!  Sixpoint Craft Ales provided the beer, which was delicious.  I think it was an IPA, but it might have just been a regular PA.

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