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Links! Pareidolia, pianists, composers

September 20, 2010
  • After reading this, I’ve basically spent time outside every day trying to un-hear the rhythms I’m constructing in nature.  Its maddening.  I also love the concept.
  • Marc-Andre Hamelin at le poisson rouge.  I’m hoping I can get out of the house for this as it’ll probably be really worthwhile.
  • Another pianist, Glenn Gould, discussed by John Adams.  Its really enjoyable. I’m not sure that Dudamel is the new Bernstein, but I think he’s a suitable replacement for the time being.  As for Gould, well, we have Jeremy Denk?
  • Speaking of composers discussing history, Roger Bourland cautions us to listen to words on composers by composer.
  • This, perhaps, was a sort of response to Kyle Gann’s recent hating on Schoenberg.  I think Roger’s thoughts should probably be placed as a disclaimer to Kyle’s post.  More interesting than ALL of this, however, are cute kittens (redundant?) playing the Schoenberg Klavierstucke 1.  The interpretation is easily as offbeat as anything Glenn Gould laid to tape.
  • Metafilter on MusOpen!
  • Colin Greenwood of Radiohead talking about the new ways we consume music, even in the last three years since his band released an album at pay as you wish rates. Its an interesting read.
  • The NYPhil has a tumblr, but I’m mostly posting this for another look at their le Grand Macabre videos.
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