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Link Monday! Heroin, Wabi-sabi, Nico Muhly, and more

September 13, 2010
  • Which classical musicians do YOU think have a heroin addiction (in other words, which superstar musicians do you wish you could be more like?)
  • Nico Muhly’s been writing up a storm.  In this post I really really love this line:

The only other text of this kind that comes to mind is the announcements made in transit: “mind the gap”, “fasten your seat belts”, “the nearest emergency exit might be located behind you”. Repetition is built into the texts on a macro level; why not, then, explore repetition on the surfaces of them as well?

  • And in this post, there’s this:
  • Just keep telling yourselves that style is a process and a technique, and don’t let other generations lure you into the trap of style itself being a commodity.

    Can’t wait to get the new choral album.  Now, if he could just make his website font 1pt bigger.

    • This has nothing to do with music, but I like it. (via Metafilter)
    • My feelings about performance, especially live performance, pretty much are explained perfectly in this post by Darryl Brenzel, of Stravinsky for big band fame.  Its based on the Japanese idea wabi-sabi or not worrying about perfection.
    • I really enjoy most of the people involved in Orpheus’ Project 440, including the ensemble people who didn’t make the final cut and a few new names.  That said, the scenario weirds me out. There are lots of things that can be crowd sourced, but I’m not sure if commissioning should be one of them.  Still, good luck to all!
    • Alex Ross with great pictures containing soldiers playing and listening to music.
    • More metafilter… Sound Maps!
    • Finally, I like these sounds.  Take Me Under Your Wing.
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