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Preview: Miguel Trillo-Figueroa’s Spectra

September 8, 2010

Today we’ll be hearing Miguel’s work Spectra in the last of Explorations, for now. I plan to throw the series a huge party afterwards which will probably consist of me watching Tom Baker Doctor Who stories until I fall asleep.  Exciting, right?

Anyways, Miguel’s piece Spectra is really awesome.  Here’s what he has to say about it:

The work is called Spectra and was composed in 2006 for the Royal College of Music´s orchestra how likely performed it that same year in Stockholm´s concert hall by the Korean conductor Shi-Yeon Sung.

The work has recently  won a place this year in the international IBLA foundation competition in composition – a competition wherein only 20 composers get accepted to further participate. There will be two concert performance of this piece – both taking part in Ragusa/Sicily/Italy 1-11 of July.

A little bit about Miguel, who has a website here.

Mikael Trillo Figueroa Lilljegren was born in Skellefteå, Northern Sweden, on October the
4th, 1978. From a very young age, he was attracted to drawing, and later on in his life,
during his teenage years, he developed an interest in music that came from playing guitar
pieces of J.S. Bach and other composers.
In 2000, he was selected to participate in the UNM (Young Nordic Music Festival), which
was held in Helsinki, Finland. His work “Wrapped In Mystery”, for string quartet was
performed there and was thereafter published by the Finnish publishing company “Uusinta”.
After he studied on Gotland, Visby (1998-2001) he worked as a guitar teacher for one year
and a half, until finally entering the Royal Academy of Stockholm for further studies on
composition of temporary music by teachers such as Mikael Ekström, Pär Lindgren and Bill
Brunson (2002-2007).
The following year he moved to Madrid, Spain where he got selected to participate in
“Tallera De Sonido y Música Para Cine”, a course focusing on how to compose music for
motion pictures. While in Madrid, he composed an orchestra work for a short
DreamWorks production called “Sprout” (2008). Soon thereafter he collaborated with
“Verso”, to record a CD/ DVD of the composers’ music. The records will be released in 2010.
He has recently received in honor a gold medal of distinction and a certificate of mastery in
music composition – awarded by the National Academy of Music in Thessaloniki,
Greece. He has likely currently won a place in the International IBLA Grand Prize
Competition In Composition arranged in Italy where one of his orchestra works will be
performed twice. The first concert will have it´s performance in Ragusa and the second in
Piazza Pola/Sicily. The winner(s) of this competition will get his/there work
performed in Carnegie Hall in New York.
He has been accepted to work as a composer in residency in Cyprus at Vassilias Nikoklis
inn one month in March this year (2010). Here he will focus on composing a Opera based
on Greek mythology / the lost city Helike which got destroyed in year 372 B.C, most
certainly by a earthquake followed by a flooding.

The fun starts at 8:30 tonight! Tune in at or 88.7fm locally.

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