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Links… way late.

September 3, 2010

Moving is going slower than expected.  Give me another week to settle in, please?

  • Really cool stuff from Nat Evans, a composer I’ve featured in Explorations.

Sunrise, September 18th, 2010 is an original, site specific piece of music written by composer Nat Evans. At 6:30am on Saturday, September 18th we will gather on Kite Hill at Magnuson Park in Seattle. A link to download the music will be distributed via email the day before. All participants will download the music to their portable music player of choice (ipod, etc) and at 6:40am the composer will give the cue to press play. Then the participants will sit back, and watch the sunrise while listening. Sunrise will occur at 6:49am and the music will continue for an additional 15 minutes or so. Participants should bring blankets, coffee, or whatever accoutrements are necessary to be out of doors for a half hour. Also, please be on time as the sun waits for nobody! So…do you want to participate? If so, email me (Nat Evans) – – and the day before the event I’ll email you the link to download the piece! If you are unable to come to the event but wish to participate remotely, feel free to email and you can still download the piece and take in the sunrise in your own geographic locale. —

  • An interview with Dweezil Zappa on his Zappa plays Zappa tour/band, his really neat music camp, and other stuff.  I saw the band in Montclair this Winter and it was pretty great.   There were also enough guitar solos in the concert to meet my quota for six months.
  • I’ve been very curious about the Marc-Anthony Turnage/Beyonce controversy over at the Proms, and the Rambler’s got the dirt.  Mostly, I wonder why a composer would attempt to hide something so obvious as the quote.  Wouldn’t this be an opportunity to discuss appropriation?  Silence often appears to be the refuge of the guilty.  I also wonder what his intentions are in not seemingly doing much with the material other than presenting it in Turnage’s signature orchestration.
  • Also, while its about Hammered On, its really about the state of music criticism… its by and large awful.  I understand that reviewers probably have a hard time finding moments to truly reflect on what they hear, but this review really doesn’t tell me anything about the piece, it doesn’t give me any real insight into the artistry, and is as readable as a list of ingredients.  Lame.
  • I really liked Dan Visconti’s pondering on opera and movies.
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