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Here There Be Dragons

September 3, 2010

As an experienced college radio person, who has never had to experience the trauma of a SXSW, but unfortunately has been to a number of CMJ concerts, the term showcase makes me twitch.  When I hear showcase, I think of short sets where no one is paying attention to the music, including the musicians.  But why dwell on the bad, because I’m sure New Amsterdam’s showcase as a part of Peak Performances is going to be much really fun.

Peak Performances is a really great series happening in Montclair, NJ that focuses on non-bland arts performances. (Note… awful pun alert)  Check out their whole calendar because I’m sure something in there will pique your interest.  If you’re a ny-centric arts inclined person, Amanda Ameer wrote a nice post on how Peak Perfs is trying to attract you to its stuff.  Having lived down the street from this venue for three years, I can definitely vouch for the effort they’re putting in, and can safely say its the most interesting performance series in New Jersey.

I was going to do this whole fantasy thing where I imagined what this would be like if it WAS at CMJ, but I have a feeling only five people would get the joke and it wouldn’t be nearly as funny as it would be time consuming for me, so, I won’t.  See y’all on 9/11!

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