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Explorations Preview Alexandra Fol’s One Day God Will Return

August 27, 2010

The second half of the show on Wednesday will feature Alexandra Fol’s One Day God Will Return.  It’s a really cool piece, and if even if it alone doesn’t sell you on tuning in, well, you’ll also get a chance to hear Tangoinmpressiones in the first half of the show, so don’t miss it!

Some on Alexandra:

A graduate of Boston University and the Eastman School of Music, Bulgarian composer, organist and conductor Alexandra Fol (1981) is currently writing her dissertation in composition at McGill University in Montréal.

Fol has composed over 50 compositions in different mediums, including two requiems, a cantata, a symphony, five concerti for solo and orchestra, “Cinderella” – monodrama for narrator and orchestra, and many chamber works.

Fol’s works have been performed by one of the Tokyo Symphony orchestras, the Montréal Symphony Orchestra, the Sofia Symphony Orchestra, the Boston University Orchestra, the New York Miniature Ensemble, orkest de ereprijs, Ossia New Music and the Fromm Players among others. Her commissions also include chamber music premiered in Carnegie Hall, two short film scores, cell phone ringtones for the Dutch Ringtone Society and various corporate commissions. She is currently preparing her participation at the First Athens Composers/Performers conference in Greece this November and planning a work for the Code d’Accès ensemble in Montréal.

Fol is finalist for the 2006 Gaudeamus Prize in composition, winner of the 2007 Leonard Bernstein Tanglewood Music Center composition fellowship, and recipient of two grants from the Canada Council for the Arts.

Fol has premiered as organist and as a conductor ore than twenty works by contemporary composers including J. Lesage, T. Grahl, N. Palej, J. A. Pàmies, D. Pesca, S. Perkins, L. Iogansen, M. Novotny, T. Tidrow, E. Britton, J. Hartikainen, M. Georgiev, C. Goddard, etc. Between 2007 and 2009 she held the post of Music Director at the McGill Savoy Society.

Fol resides in Montréal since 2004. She works as composition mentor for the Vermont MIDI Project, Teaching Assistant at McGill University and organist at Sainte-Angèle Catholic Church.

And some on One Day God Will Return:

Commissioned by the orkest de ereprijs for the 2008 Gaudeamus Music Week in the Netherlands, One Day God Will Return features the entire ensemble fo 14 players. the unusual instrumentation of this chamber orchestra, featuring an electric guitar, an electric bass, 2 saxophones, brass, percussion and piano, has inspired many composers to create works for de ereprijs, one of the premier European emsebles for new music. The meaning of the subtitle, 17. II 2008, is left deliberately unexplained. This recording is of the second performance of the work, conducted by Wim Boerman in the city of Anthem in November 2008.

Its some really cool music, and I hope you can tune in for both pieces this Wednesday, 8-9pm at or locally at 88.7fm (as always).


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