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Links: #nycosi, Kenny G, Cupcakes, and much more

August 23, 2010

I’m going to try and start doing links on Monday, show related stuff on Wednesdays, and Reviews/rambling about things of personal interest on Thursdays/Fridays.  That’s at least going to be the plan come Fall.  It might take a bit to get into that rhythm since I’m going to be moving in the next two weeks as well….

Daniel Wolf shares a delightful story (on his delightful blog) about two composers of different persuasions at a hardware store.

I just cleared my schedule for September 25th.  You should, too.  Why?  The New Music Bake Sale, of course!  I’m most excited about getting cupcakes from any of my favorite new music ensembles, and second most excited about seeing Ensemble de Sade. (also on the new website Chamber Musician Today with a lovable picture of some of your usual new music suspects.)

The Iron Tongue of Midnight went off with a series of posts on awful website design, but Proper Discord earns many many points for style with this video.

Michael Monroe has some really thoughtful, er, thoughts on Cosi… Some Assembly Required.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to meet him as I went on Friday night, and I really loved it.  Part pre-concert talk, part-dress rehearsal, and part-performance, it was a really cool way to experience opera for me.  Maybe it was because I felt like I was back in school and able to interact with all the little moving parts of the performance, but I thought it was great.  Cosi was also very cozy, performing at least on Friday night to a packed crowd who also seemed to indicate their enjoyment.   For anyone I met Friday night, I had a blast, let’s do it again sometime.

On twitter @RobMader posted this amazing amazing video.  I’m still in love with it.   Kenny G Live Shred.

Politics in music is a great read.  Also make sure you read the comments, as a few of them are really fascinating.  For what its worth, I think music’s that attempts to articulate a political idea often comes across as sounding like a slogan harmonized.  Music approached this way seems more like a delivery system to me than an actual piece of artwork.  David T. Little mentioning Come Together is a great counter example, and I’m curious to hear Katrina Ballads (should show up on the show sometime in early September).  Apart from spreading a message or dwelling on a past event, I think music’s greatest political power is by creating spaces for social interaction.  While it may not be the music itself that is carrying the political message, a group of artists that can create a space outside of consumer culture where value is determined not by dollars but by use value.

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