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Preview: Nat Evans’ Telephone Conversation

July 14, 2010

Tonight!  One night only!  Well, actually you’ll be able to get the podcast too, but, One Night Only on the radio!

You can check out Nat’s website, or read his bio here:

Nat Evans studied music composition with Michael Schelle and Frank Felice at Butler University in Indianapolis. He writes original music for various mixed chamber ensembles, distinctive electro-acoustic music, has collaborated with sculptors to create music and art installations at the Harrison Center for the Arts, and helped organize (and performed in) the Sonic Waves Experimental Music Festival in Melbourne, Australia. Since moving to Seattle in 2004, he has written music for various chamber groups and choreographers, and has received commissions from the Northwest Girlchoir, The Northwest School Chamber Orchestra, and Seattle Pacific University Men’s Choir and Seattle Pacific University Percussion Ensemble.
In march of 2007 he and composer Ross Simonini completed an original score for the short film, Red Harvest, which premiered at the Indianapolis International Film Festival in April of 2007. In April 2007 he and Simonini finished the second in a series of electro-acoustic pieces for choreographer Selfick Ng-Simancas, which debuted in June 2007 at On The Boards – Seattle’s foremost venue for modern dance.
In the summer of 2007 he completed a short work for chamber orchestra, Nanquan Cuts the Cat in Two, which was premiered in December of 2007 by The Northwest School Chamber Orchestra under the direction of Heather Bentley. The Orchestra played this piece, which is based on a Chinese story, throughout their tour of China in April 2008, with Mr. Evans speaking before the performances, as well conducting. May of 2008 brought the debut performance of a new work for the Seattle Pacific University Men’s choir.
Both 2008 and 2009 have brought the completion of new solo works for various performers throughout the United States. Currently the composer is working on a piece for the Seattle Pacific University Percussion Ensemble.

A little bit on the piece we’ll hear, Telephone Conversation

The piece is called Telephone Conversation, and is for Cello and Violin. The players on the recording are Lindsey Springer and Alissa Fleming. This piece is quite representative of the composer’s work as it is a simple, abstract expression of a vision of two people having a conversation who are disconnected physically. It is typical of his work in that while the piece is ambiguously tonal, it remains consonant.

Check it out at 8:30pm Eastern… or 88.7fm locally.

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